Byakui Daikannon You can see the womb of the Kannon which has a height of 41.8m (equivalent of a … the Lucky Place sightseeing・history Takasaki Central Part
Haruna Shrine A historical shrine that has been worshipped since old times. Its spectacular ma… the Lucky Place nature sightseeing・history Kurabuchi・Haruna
Doukutsu Kannon Once you step into the cave, a fantasy world appears. 33 stone Buddha and Kannon… nature sightseeing・history Takasaki Central Part
Yamanoue Stela Yamanoue Stela is one of Japan's oldest tombstones built in 68, and is 111 cm ta… sightseeing・history Yoshii
Kanaizawa Stela Kanaizawa Stela is a tombstone made in 726, and is 111 cm tall. On a field-stone… sightseeing・history Yoshii

The lucky place!!