Mt. Kannon Camping Park Join Us Takasaki City Mt. Kannon Camping Park ・ Join Us is an urban type camp ground, wh… nature play Takasaki Central Part
Mayumigaoka Bungalow The only camp ground at Lake Haruna where fireflies fly in the summer. Welcomin… nature play Kurabuchi・Haruna
Harunako Auto Camp Entrance Fee: 1 person a day 315 yen, day camp: 2,100 yen, AC power source (1 da… nature play Kurabuchi・Haruna
Haruna Shrine A historical shrine that has been worshipped since old times. Its spectacular ma… the Lucky Place nature sightseeing・history Kurabuchi・Haruna
Doukutsu Kannon Once you step into the cave, a fantasy world appears. 33 stone Buddha and Kannon… nature sightseeing・history Takasaki Central Part

The lucky place!!