the Lucky Place

The Lucky Town Takasaki!

Takasaki is said to be a "City of Good Luck", and this all starts with its most symbolic site, the "Byakue Dai-Kannon". Next there are the "Takasaki Daruma" of Shorinzan Daruma-ji Temple, said to bring about prosperity for businesses, good luck, household safety, victory in endeavors, success in elections and tests as well. Plus there's Haruna Shrine, a popular "power spot" for visitors from around the country hoping to get a boost of good luck.

Here we will introduce the best spots for a boost of good luck in a city already flowing with good fortune!

Byakui Daikannon You can see the womb of the Kannon which has a height of 41.8m (equivalent of a … the Lucky Place sightseeing・history Takasaki Central Part
Haruna Shrine A historical shrine that has been worshipped since old times. Its spectacular ma… the Lucky Place nature sightseeing・history Kurabuchi・Haruna

The lucky place!!