Takasaki City Yamada Kamachi Art Museum Kamachi Yamada who ended his short life at 17. His works display a talent in art… education・culture・art Takasaki Central Part
Tago Stela Tago Stela, a national special historic site, is a monument established when Tag… education・culture・art sightseeing・history Yoshii
Nippon Silk Center In addition to exhibitions of the history of silkworms, or exhibitions related t… education・culture・art sightseeing・history Gunmamachi
Gunma Music Center It is a symbol of Takasaki culture, and is also famous as a building designed by… education・culture・art sightseeing・history Takasaki Central Part
Cinematheque Takasaki Open 2005. Mini theater that NPO corporation Takasaki community cinema operated… education・culture・art Takasaki Central Part

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