Ushibuse Dream Center A lodging facility at the foot of Mt. Ushibuse. Please spend your time calmly an… hot spring Yoshii
Yamanoue Stela Yamanoue Stela is one of Japan's oldest tombstones built in 68, and is 111 cm ta… sightseeing・history Yoshii
Kanaizawa Stela Kanaizawa Stela is a tombstone made in 726, and is 111 cm tall. On a field-stone… sightseeing・history Yoshii
Tago Stela Tago Stela, a national special historic site, is a monument established when Tag… education・culture・art sightseeing・history Yoshii
Mt. Ushibuse Nature Park 491 meters above sea level. There are several pathways to the top of the mountai… nature play Yoshii

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