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the Takasaki's food!!

Since long ago Takasaki has had a rich supply of water and long hours of sunshine, which has given rise to booming agricultural and livestock industries. Gunma Prefecture is one of the country's top producing areas of wheat, and this wheat has been turned into flour to make all sorts of "konamono" foods that people in Takasaki have made part of their lives since long ago. Takasaki itself is said to have the most pasta restaurants per capita of any city in Japan.

Considered to be one type of "konamono", the people of Takasaki, young and old, men and women alike all love pasta, to the point where Takasaki occasionally makes the newspapers or TV news as the so-called "Pasta Town".

Other "konamono" foods include udon, okirikomi, fried manju and all sorts of other local cuisine made using flour.

■King of Pasta
Every November all the Italian restaurants in the city compete in the "King of Pasta" competition to see who has the best pasta noodles of all. All competitors show off their best menu items using locally produced ingredients, and the audience votes to determine who the "King" is.
King of Pasta official site

■Takasaki Sodachi
"Takasaki Sodachi" is a brand label for agricultural and livestock products raised in Takasaki. Brought up with Takasaki's crystal clear water and pure air, these are products that you can be sure are both safe and delicious to eat, which has garnered them all sorts of popularity at major department stores and outdoor events in the greater Tokyo area.
Takasaki Sodachi web site

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