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about Takasaki City

City Overview

Takasaki City will reach it's 100th year anniversary as a municipal organization in 2000 A.D. The only towns that were recognized as a city in 1900 were Takasaki and Kokura in Fukuoka Prefecture. Kokura later merged with towns such as Moji and Yahata and became Kitakyushu City, so the only city to reach its 100th year as a municipal organization in Japan is Takasaki City.

Takasaki City is a city that represents Gunma Prefecture, located in the northern end of the vast Kanto plains. The city's population has surpassed 370,000 people, and has an area of 459.41 square kilometers.

Since a Takasaki regional arbitrary merger council was established in December 18, 2003, we have actively proceeded with merging councils for surrounding towns, such as setting up residents' information sessions, residents' surveys, and legal merging councils. In January 23, 2006, Takasaki merged with Kurabuchimura, Misatomachi, Gunmamachi, Shinmachi, and in October 1st of the same year, it merged with Harunamachi, and in July 1st, 2009, with Yoshiimachi. With this "Heisei merger," the population became approximately 375,000, and on April 1, 2011, it shifted to a core city.

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