Mt. Haruna・Lake Haruna Mt. Haruna is 1, 409m above sea level. Lake Haruna is located near the 1,100m ma… nature sightseeing・history play Kurabuchi・Haruna
Around Futagoyama Kofun ・Cosmos Near 20 thousand cosmoses bloom during the fall at Futagoyama Kofun, and many vi… nature sightseeing・history play Gunmamachi
Mt. Ushibuse Nature Park 491 meters above sea level. There are several pathways to the top of the mountai… nature play Yoshii
Lake Ofuroga ・Iris nature Gunmamachi
Lake Narusawa Smelt Fishing At Lake Narusawa, which doesn't freeze over even during winter, you can enjoy bo… nature play Misato

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