Lake Narusawa Smelt Fishing

At Lake Narusawa, which doesn’t freeze over even during winter, you can enjoy boating or smelt fishing at the pier from October to the end of February.

Address Misato-machi Tomioka 1639
Inquiry 027-371-1124
Open Hours Open during: October 1st(Wed.) 2014 to February 28th (Sat.) 2015
Business hours; 6;30AM to 4PM
Closed Tuesdays (if the Tuesday falls on a holiday, it will be open, and the next day will be closed. October 28 was a Gunma Prefecture Holiday, so it was open, and the next day was closed). The end and start of the year will also be closed.
Directions Car: 20~30 minutes from Kan-Etsu Expressway Takasaki・Maebashi・Shibukawa Ikaho IC
Parking Available

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