around Mt.Kannon

Takasaki Kannonsan Onsen Kinzanso

From 1915 to the start of the Showa Era, there was a hot spring inn loved by the people in the area, called Kiyomizu Kosen. The Kinsanzo has restored this “Kiyomizu Kosen” as a Takasaki Kannonsan hot spring. The bath is made from logs. Take a relaxing bath in the quietness surrounded by deep nature, and enjoy local dishes of Joshu and tastes of each season.

Address Takasaki City Ishiharamachi 2892
Inquiry TEL.027-322-2916
Open Hours
Directions Bus: Takasaki Station West Exit city loop bus "gururin" Kannonsan Line Kataoka sakimawari 20 minutes get off at "Doukutsu Kannon Iriguchi"
Taxi: 15 minutes from Takasaki Station, around 2,000 yen
Car: Takasaki I.C. Fujioka I.C 30 minutes
※ for details on the routes, please contact us directly
Parking Parking lot: 50 cars (to ride)

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