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Lake Haruna Onsen Yusuge Motoyu

Lake Haruna’s only natural hot spring, Harunako Onsen, is located in a place where you can get a whole view of Lake Haruna which reflects mysterious expressions and beautiful nature. The onsen that flowingly springs out from deep within the ground, has a fine and smooth quality, and is an abundant natural hot spring gentle on the skin. You can enjoy a happy moment getting rid of your tiredness while bathing, relaxing your heart, and being enveloped by happiness with the backdrop of Haruna with its changing expressions with each nature. The somewhat cloudy hot spring is abundant, gentle on the skin, and has many benefits. You can enjoy it as a day trip onsen, and the lodging facility is satisfying so you can use it to fit your purposes. How about healing your body with the natural hot spring, with the beautiful nature you can enjoy according to each season at Mt. Haruna, one of the Jomosan mountains?

Address Takasaki City Harunakomachi 846-3
Inquiry TEL 027-374-9131
Open Hours Day trip onsen hours
Yusuge Motoyu: 10:30AM~9:00PM
Lakeside Yusuge: 10:00AM~7:00PM
Directions Car: 70 min. from Takasaki I.C, 40 min. from Shibukawa I.C
※For more details on the routes and such, please check directly
Parking 80 regular cars, 5 large buses
Notes Day trip onsen fees
Yusuge Motoyu: 2 hours Adults 510 yen children 250 yen
Lakeside Yusuge: 2 hours Adults 400 yen children 200 yen
※check the lodging fee with us directly

For guests who stay over at this inn, can use the hot spring in the sister inn "Lakeside Yusuge" too.

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