Mt. Haruna・Lake Haruna Mt. Haruna is 1, 409m above sea level. Lake Haruna is located near the 1,100m ma… nature sightseeing・history play Kurabuchi・Haruna
Tago Stela Tago Stela, a national special historic site, is a monument established when Tag… education・culture・art sightseeing・history Yoshii
Nippon Silk Center In addition to exhibitions of the history of silkworms, or exhibitions related t… education・culture・art sightseeing・history Gunmamachi
Gunma Music Center It is a symbol of Takasaki culture, and is also famous as a building designed by… education・culture・art sightseeing・history Takasaki Central Part
Gunma Prefectural Museum of Literature in Commemoration of Bunmei-Tsuchiya Introduces the work of Bunmei Tsuchida, an Araragi poet who made it his lifework… education・culture・art sightseeing・history Gunmamachi

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