Hachimanzuka Kofun ・ Sunflower Maze A magnificent sunflower garden, on approximately 35 are of land, in the west sid… nature sightseeing・history Gunmamachi
Kleingarten At Kleingarten, which means "little garden" in German, city habitants who want t… nature Kurabuchi・Haruna
Gunma Prefectural Forest Park(Gunma-no- Mori) In the vast park filled with green, you will also find an art museum and a histo… education・culture・art nature play Takasaki Central Part
Kannonyama Family Park Inside the park under the vast sky and with widespread green grass areas, famili… nature Takasaki Central Part
Warabidaira Forest Park Campsite The facilities are in good order, permitting you to do a full-scale camp, and ea… nature sightseeing・history Kurabuchi・Haruna

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