Jigenji ・ Shidarezakura Shidarezakura, or the weeping cherry blossom, was first planted ruing the Nanbok… nature sightseeing・history Takasaki Central Part
Misato Ume Grove On a hill of 300 ha where you can observe the kanto plain, 100 thousand blooming… nature sightseeing・history Misato
Takasaki City Dye Plant Botanical Garden The first Japanese garden which collects and protects plants that are used for d… education・culture・art nature sightseeing・history play Takasaki Central Part
Bando Jyugoban Fudasho Shiraiwa Kannon Chokokuji Temple The 15th Bando Sanjusanban Fudasho is one of the three best Chokokuji Temples in… sightseeing・history Misato

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