Takasaki Kannonzuka Museum of Archeological Documents Artifacts from Kannonzuka Kofun (important cultural properties of Japan) on publ… education・culture・art sightseeing・history Takasaki Central Part
Kamitsuke no Sato Museum Kamitsuke no Sato Museum is built on the property of Hodota Kofungun, and displa… education・culture・art sightseeing・history Gunmamachi
The Ruins of Minowa Castle A famous castle built by Naonari Nagano around 500 years ago. The present ruins … sightseeing・history Misato
Warabidaira Forest Park Campsite The facilities are in good order, permitting you to do a full-scale camp, and ea… nature sightseeing・history Kurabuchi・Haruna
Kiyomizu Temple ・ Hydrangea Hydrangea greet you on both sides of the stone stairway that lead up to the Saku… nature sightseeing・history Takasaki Central Part

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